Women’s Wellness

Because good health and wellness encompass body, mind and spirit, Baptist Health offers a wealth of services and resources to enrich your life and contribute to overall health. Whether you’re interested in losing weight or beginning an exercise program, or are struggling with personal challenges such as depression or menopause, we can help.

Healthful Eating Resources
We provide a wealth of resources for eating well and minimizing risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and more. If you’re interested in losing weight, planning nutritious meals or addressing a specific health concern such as heart disease, our registered dietitians can help develop a plan to meet your goals.

Behavioral Health and Wellness Support
Whether you or a loved one is struggling with depression, substance abuse or face other emotional challenges, we offer a full range of behavioral health services from outpatient counseling to comprehensive, inpatient care.

Education and Support Groups
Learn about specific diseases, how to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes to lower disease risk factors, or gain encouragement from others through one of our many support groups. We offer everything from new-parent groups, to specific groups for individuals living with cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease and more.


  • Baptist Health Women’s Clinic-Fort Smith
  • Baptist Health Women’s Center-Fort Smith