Genetic Testing

Approximately 5-10 percent of women with breast cancer have a hereditary form of the disease. Genetic testing analyzes DNA taken from the patient’s cheek cells. This is a simple and painless test that only takes a few minutes of your time.

BRCA Testing
BRCA is a test that checks for the presence of a chromosomal abnormality known as BRCA mutations.

Patients with a mutation of BRCA1 or BRCA2 have a very high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer in their lifetime.

BRCA genetic testing consists of a mouthwash or blood test. Analysis of the sample can determine if you inherited a gene mutation that contributed to your diagnosis of cancer. Genetic testing might also help determine if you are at greater risk of developing the same cancer again or of developing another type of cancer.

BRCA analysis testing can help aid you in knowing your risk of breast and ovarian cancers. Your physician can then manage your care before cancer develops. This includes preventive drug therapy, increased surveillance and/or preventive surgery.

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