Diabetes Education

Learning how to manage your diabetes effectively is the key to staying healthy, so an important part of our care is ensuring you have the tools and skills you need to avoid complications. Baptist Health’s doctors, nurse educators, dietitians and other diabetes care professionals provide valuable education and information to help you manage your health. Our educational program covers:

  • Types of diabetes, complications, and effective management techniques
  • Nutrition for diabetes, including meal planning, tips for dining out and understanding food labels
  • Problem solving and coping skills
  • How to reduce complications and improve overall health, including information on exercise and weight control
  • Diabetes medications and devices
  • Helpful diabetes resources, including community offerings and more

Self-Management Program

The Diabetes Self Management Outpatient Program at Baptist Health is designed for adults with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. The program will assist people with diabetes in learning to manage their disease. The program is nationally recognized by the American Diabetes Association.

What is Diabetes Self-Management?
Diabetes Self-Management empowers people with diabetes by giving them the facts about how to care for themselves and control their disease. Finding a personal balance between diet, exercise and medical treatment is the lifelong goal of diabetes self-care.

What is included in the program?
The Diabetes Self-Management Program is designed to assess and provide for the unique needs of each program member. Through a series of three classes over a period of three to four months, the staff and program members become a team focused on the control of diabetes using a self-care approach. One-on-one sessions can also be provided as needed.

Helpful Services
The program offers other services such as urine and blood tests that can help detect any blood sugar control problems early, blood pressure and weight checks, and a one-month membership at Marvin Altman Fitness Center.

What will the program members learn?
Your primary doctor is the major coordinator for your diabetes self-care. The program’s staff will be sure to keep your doctor informed of your progress while you are in the program.

How to Register for the Self-Management Program
Your doctor must refer you to this program. The doctor’s office may call (479)441-4183 to schedule your appointment. Medicare and most insurance plans will help cover the cost of the program. Please check with your insurance provider regarding coverage.


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