Pastoral Care

The Chaplain’s Role at Baptist Health

The chaplain is a facilitator of pastoral care. Seeing that patients have access to their own ministers and spiritual resources is a basic part of the chaplain’s work. The chaplain is also a member of the healing team, offering skills and ministry to patients and family members whose lives have been interrupted by illness. The chaplain is also available to employees of Baptist Health who need help in coping with their personal crises. As a specialist in ministry to the sick and troubled, the chaplain serves as a resource to the ministers of the community in the area of referral, training and information.

Contacting Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care office is located on the first floor of Baptist Health, midway down the South Hallway. The facilities include offices and a Chapel. The office phone is 441-5452 with AUDIX coverage when no one is available to answer. The chaplain may also be reached by pager through the hospital operator.

When the Chaplain Can Help

  1. When a patient evidences unusual anxiety, anger, loneliness or other signs of stress.
  2. When a patient requests clergy. The chaplain maintains contact with clergy of all faiths.
  3. When there is a death or death seems near and there is no minister with the patient and family.
  4. When a Code Blue is called, the chaplain will assist the family of the patient.
  5. When a severe prognosis has been given by the physician and the patient and/or the family appears to be struggling with it.
  6. When there is a problem, misunderstanding or difficulty involving clergy.
  7. The chaplain is also available as a resource to employees and staff regarding either their own needs or to consult on patient care.

Forms for download (PDF)

Living Will
Volunteer Application
Background Check

The Healing Garden

Throughout history, gardens have been used to aid in the healing process. With the recent interest in complementary and alternative therapies – which emphasize healing the whole person … mind, body and spirit – the interest in gardens as healers has been revised.

A “healing garden” by definition is “a garden in a healing setting designed to make people feel better, safer, less stressed, more comfortable and even invigorated.”

The Nancy Orr Healing Garden is set between Baptist Health and the new Renaissance Building, accessible from several directions. It is hoped that patients, visitors, family members and employees can enjoy the garden’s pleasant surroundings and experience its restorative effects.

Tall stones surrounding the fountain are inscribed with messages of comfort, such as “I have a place of safety where I am protected from trouble” and “God is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer … in whom I take refuge (Psalm 18:2).”

Flat stones also are inscribed with one particular message that is very familiar: “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Gideon Bibles

Gideon Bibles are donated to Baptist Health by the Gideons, an international organization. The bibles can be found in each hospital room and the waiting areas throughout our hospital and clinics. To make a donation to Gideons International, please mail to:

Gideons International
Attention: Bill Lacewell
PO Box 4531
Fort Smith, Ark. 72914

Or visit their website: